The HR area supports the associates and monitors their opinions to optimize JEF’s overall efficiency and be able to keep the balance.

Si tratta di un lavoro meticoloso che consiste nella gestione e analisi di dati provenienti dai form di soddisfazione che gli associati compilano; nel gestire la fase di reclutamento di nuovi associati; nella pianificazione di attività di Team Building per far integrare e legare al meglio gli associati.

The HR area follows all JEF associates to ensure a flourishing and efficient work environment. That’s the oil lubricating the association’s gears and it is at the same time among the principal ones.


The IT area takes care of the technical and technological sides that are within and outside the association, with a continuous training flow.

Indeed, it is able to program websites, by using several tools, analyze data and deal with data science , in addition to the implementation of management softwares and CRM.

It is interested in new technologies, both in the practical and the theorical aspects, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

The tools used are many, first of all Python (and related libraries like, Panadas, Numpy, Matplotlib..), Wordpress and Elementor , Podio

It’s the essence of learning by doing!


The Legal area carries out activities regarding thejuridical-legal sphere. It deals with thedrafting of contracts with customers,trying to meet the needs of both parties, protecting them in the negotiation phase..

The area is responsible for drawing up privacy information and confidentiality agreements to protect the associationfrom any damage caused by the disclosure of confidential information or sensitive data, ensuring transparency in the treatment of the latter.

Si occupa inoltre di consulenza legale per la creazione e il supporto di Startup.

It is constantly updated, looking for the regulations in force and the most suitable discipline to be applied in different cases..

It legally protects JEF Napoli and its associates,to allow you to enjoy a peaceful and serene associative experience.


The Marketing and communication area works closely with the clients offering social media management services, editorial plans structuring and communication strategies.

Creativity is the keyword of this area because it is fundamental for the content creation service. Marketing and Communication area is specialized in:

  • Grafiche e contenuti social
  • Creazione di piani editoriali
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Report e monitoraggio


The Sales & Business Development area has two bilateral objectives::

  • Develop the business plan of the company, identifying the optimal strategies to achieve the objectives set by the association, defining the target audience and procuring new customers.
  • Develop the association's business , expanding collaboration with the company's current customers and, by carefully reading market trends, expanding the range of services offered.

The primary objective of the area is to increase business opportunitiesby working as a team.

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